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From now and until POSIDONIA 2018, where the 2nd YES Forum will be organized, there will be a series of Open Days organized with companies of the Maritime industry, to which we will invite you well in advance to participate.

Our goal is the continuation of the open dialogue that was initiated during the 1st  YES Forum between the Young Executives and the Decision Makers of the maritime industry through organized visits to established and reputable companies of the maritime industry. This will give you the opportunity to directly meet and discuss with the Decision Makers of those companies in a more personal and focused manner.

2nd Open Day

The 2nd Open Day will take place on the 2nd of March 2017 at Danaos


“Attendance is by Registration only and open for the first 120 pre and post university students registered”


Danaos Shipping is one of the largest independent owners of modern, large-size containerships. We charter our containerships on long-term contracts at fixed rates to many of the world’s largest liner companies. Our distinct edge in advanced shipping technology and long track record of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility has helped us forge lasting relationships with our customers. Our conservative and disciplined approach to fleet growth has positioned us to exploit market opportunities during periods of low ship prices and reduced demand.


Capt. Elias Ladas – DPA / HR & Training Manager


Integrating vast experience in all aspects of shipping (Management, Engineering, Operation, Accounting, Supplies, Brokerage, etc.) and Information Science (Software Development, Communications Technology, Internet and Mobile Technologies) DANAOS Management Consultants offers a full spectrum of Software Solutions to the Maritime Industry for over 30 years! Danaos MC is a world leader in Maritime I.C.T. and provides well-integrated, easily accessible, and secure information technology solutions that take full account of the operational and technical dimensions of the maritime industry.


Dimitris Theodossiou – Managing Director

Panagiotis Nomikos – Business Development Director

Christos Emmanouilidis – Business Development

1st Open Day

The 1st Open Day took place on the 5th of December 2016 at DNVGL